Thursday, September 9, 2010

If I am inherently a Buddha, why should my life be organized around the demands of social institutions and individuals who say I am not?

1) From the perspective of any social system built around anything other than universal Buddhanature/inherent human perfection, this is the ultimate subversion.
2) No society has ever willingly tolerated full and open transmission of teac...hings that say this.
3) That has profoundly affected what teachings have been transmitted and how.
4) If our ability to escape contrary social systems and even to start constructing social systems based on inherent human perfection has increased, then the teachings/practice may be able to emerge in ways not possible before.
In simple terms, the teachings on inherent human perfection are like a time-release pill. That is only now in the process of releasing.


  1. Tatagatagarbha is universally available. But not universally sought.

  2. "Sought" isn't quite the right verb. Not sure what is.